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SCAME PARRE S.p.A., head of the SCAME group, is a manufacturer of components and systems for electrical installations in the civil, services and industrial sector, born and raised in the mountains of the upper Val Seriana, in the Province of Bergamo, Northern Italy. Since 1963, the year of its foundation, in more than half a century of activity, SCAME has never betrayed the spirit of the origins made of attention to the environment and the person, as well as continuous research to provide an innovation that is never an end in itself, but which translates into total quality and real benefits for the user. Already a pioneer in the field of the solutions dedicated to electric vehicles charging, for which it has created a specific business division and is today considered an absolute benchmark, the continuous search for new markets has led SCAME to develop also an articulated range of ATEX IECEx products for installation in hazardous areas, without neglecting its traditional offer based on products for domestic and industrial applications, even heavy ones. A catalogue able to meet any installation requirement, a product quality guaranteed by compliance with national and international Standards, a rapid customer service able to support every choice and an high level of service, have enabled SCAME to affirm its presence not only nationally, but also internationally through a network of 17 branches and a consolidated network of distributors in over 80 countries on 5 continents.



E-Mobility – Charging systems for electric vehicles

SCAME was the first company in the 90s to develop charging systems for electric vehicles and has been innovating ever since.
Scame charging stations can be configured in 3 modalities: BASIC/FREE, PERSONAL/RFID and WEB/NET. Each modality is specific to different areas and requirements of all users.

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Industry – Systems and components for electrical installations

Industrial plugs and sockets, interlocked sockets, switches, enclosures, distribution boards and everything necessary for the fullfillment of a modern power distribution system. SCAME offers a complete catalog of solutions for both traditional and heavy industry and construction sites.

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Hazardous areas ex – Products for use in potentially explosive environments

The products dedicated to electrical installations in environments with potential explosion risk proposed by SCAME fall within the scope of application of the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. Referring to the atex classification of the SCAME environments, it offers solutions applicable to areas classified as zones 1 and 2 due to the presence of explosive gases, and in the case of combustible powders, such as zones 21 and 22.

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