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Because we take your success personally

With us you will find exactly the right mix of "less" and "more" which will make your company more successful.


  • professional service tailored to your company
  • innovative concepts enabling you to put together service packages according to your wishes
  • flexibility to meet your specific needs individually
  • added value, as we continually optimise existing concepts


  • time and effort on your part - enabling you to focus more on your core business
  • risk - as our specialists also think for you and advise you
  • trial & error – as we configure exactly the right packages for you

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Because your time is valuable

We analyse, optimise and bundle services - professionally and from one source. As a result, you will reduce your suppliers, lower your costs and benefit from:

  • price certainty
  • acceptance of different currencies (e.g. EUR, USD, CNY, CHF,…)
  • a second source for more variability and delivery reliability
  • a customised IT connection for optimising processes and saving time
  • extensive demand analysis, with data evaluation
  • increased productivity
  • bundled price negotiations - thanks to a global network of partners

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Because ONE expert is all the need

Whether in the area of organisation, purchasing, manufacturing or logistics: whatever your company needs, we shall procure it, worldwide and from one source. Why not use our procurement service and have access to:

  • an extensive network of select partners
  • components and products of all kinds
  • second source management
  • special procurements and procurement optimisation
  • "EOL" end-of-life management
  • Procurement Service

Our procurement concepts encompass B&C parts management, management of exotics, one-off procurements as well as supplier bundling.

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Storage and/or logistics

Because we always find a way to make our customers happy

On around 1,500 m² of access-secured storage space, we offer storage and/or logistics services that can be selected flexibly and are tailored to your needs.

Thanks to our intelligent, fully MDE-assisted storage system, we are also in a position to serve the highest demands competently and in a quality-assured manner. Retraceability of the goods is ensured at all times by means of date-code and batch management. We offer you:

  • secure warehousing
  • contract warehousing
  • consignment warehousing
  • long-term warehousing
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • special warehouses
  • ESD storage places
  • ekontor warehouse in Hong Kong for short transport routes and times as well as additional bundling advantages

We provide flexible packaging concepts and have in our repertoire:

  • returnable packaging
  • ESD packaging
  • multi-way packaging
  • customised packaging
  • labelling and marking

To ensure that your goods reliably arrive at their destination, we also take on the logistics at the same time. Wherever you are, we shall get there for you. With us, worldwide just-in-time deliveries - always in compliance with the country-specific statutory provisions - are just as possible as variable transport options. Whether with deliveries and special journeys via the ekontor vehicle fleet, or by air or sea, we are guaranteed to find the logistically best way and shall manage for you all matters relating to customs, imports and exports.

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Because our speciality is making individual wishes come true

Whatever helps you to get ahead - we shall make it possible for you. Specifically, this means: We carry out in-house packaging, manufacture components with partners and produce on request, even in small quantities. We offer customised solutions, e.g.

  • manufacturing and packaging component parts
  • putting together sets
  • procuring on the market the components needed
  • product-specific packaging
  • customised labelling & marking
  • extensive quality assurance

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Because success does not come off the peg

We shall find tailored solutions for your requirements and wishes. Our success in this regard will be made possible thanks to our many years of experience in the field of electromechanical components and our close collaboration with customers and partners. To help you to get ahead and save valuable resources, we shall use:

  • a network of qualified partners
  • analysis and evaluation of opportunities & risks (e.g. FMEA)
  • design to cost
  • second source

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Because your satisfaction is our aspiration

To uphold your quality standard, we shall support your quality assurance, e.g. by means of ...

  • supplier management and auditing
  • risk analyses (e.g. FMEA)
  • tailored testing of component parts
  • assisting with the optimisation of quality processes

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