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ISO 9001:2015

ekontor has been certified to ISO 9001 since 2001/03/06. On 2018/05/29 this was upgraded to ISO 9001:2015.

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ISO 14001:2015

ekontor has been certified according to ISO 14001 since 2023/09/05.

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Values & environment

Code of conduct

This Code of Conduct defines the principles and requirements which ekontor GmbH expects of itself and all its partners in terms of their responsibility for people and environment.

ekontor hereby commits itself to observing the following principles:

  1. Legal compliance
    • To comply with the laws of the applicable legal system(s).
  2. Prohibition of corruption and bribery
    • To tolerate no form of and not to engage in any form of corruption or bribery, including any payment or other form of benefit conferred on any government official for the purpose of influencing decision making in violation of law.
  3. Respect for the basic human rights of employees
    • To promote equal opportunities for and treatment of its employees irrespective of skin colour, race, nationality, social background, disabilities, sexual orientation, political or religious conviction, sex or age.
    • To respect the personal dignity, privacy and right of each individual.
    • To refuse to employ or make anyone work against his will.
    • To refuse to tolerate any unacceptable treatment of employees, such as mental cruelty, sexual harassment or discrimination.
    • To prohibit behaviour including gestures, language and physical contact, that ist sexual, coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative.
    • To provide fair remuneration and to guarantee the applicable national statutory minimum wage.
    • To comply with the maximum number of working hours laid down in the applicable laws.
    • To recognize, as far as legally possible, the right of free association of employees and to neither favour or discriminate against members of employee organizations or trade unions.
  4. Prohibition of child labour
    • To employ no workers under the age of 15 or, in those countries subject to the developing country exception of the ILO Convention 138, to employ no workers under the age of 14.
  5. Health and safety of employees
    • To take responsibility for the health and safety of its employees.
    • To control hazards and take the best reasonably possible precautionary measures against accidents and occupational diseases.
    • To provide training and ensure that employees are educated in health and safety issues.
    • To develop or employ an occupational health and safety management system as per OHSAS 18001, or an equivalent system.
  6. Environmental protection
    • To act in accordance with the applicable statutory and international standards regarding environmental protection.
    • To minimize environmental pollution and make continuous improvements in environmental protection.
    • To develop or employ an environmental management system as per ISO 14001, or an equivalent system.
  7. Supply chain
    • To encourage compliance with the Code of Conduct among its partners to the greatest possible extent.
    • To observer the principles of non-discrimination in selecting and in dealing with its partners.

ekontor GmbH

Job safety

For many years, the health and safety of its staff has been an integral part of ekontor’s corporate philosophy.

This consists specifically of the following points:

  • There will be a health & safety management officer.
  • A dedicated safety engineer and the safety officer will enable a continuous improvement process (CIP) to occur in this area.
  • The safety officer will keep abreast of the latest developments, as in previous years, through regular participation in training courses.
  • Regular health & safety committee meetings will allow an up-to-date comparison to be made.
  • The staff will receive training several times a year on specified dates.
  • The workstations and facilities of ekontor will comply with the given guidelines and regulations.

Conflict Minerals

We require our suppliers to comply with the Conflict-Free Smelter Program in the context of the Dodd Frank Act.

REACH confirmation EG 1907/2006

ekontor is solely a trading company involved in the purchasing / supply of exclusively non-chemical products. Used correctly, these products release no substances.

Our suppliers have been instructed by us on compliance with currently applicable legislation regarding hazardous substances. We can therefore assume that our suppliers are also aware of and compliant with the legal restrictions governing the use of hazardous substances. Since, following publication of the candidate list, we have not been informed by our suppliers that any SVHC substance in a concentration of over 0.1 w/w is contained in the product, we can state that our products do not contain any of the specified substances.

As soon as we are informed by any of our suppliers that one or more of the specified substances are contained in its product, we shall naturally pass on this information to our affected customers as quickly as possible.

RoHS – as per Directive 2011/65/EU (replacing 2002/95/EC)

All the articles identified on our shipping documents as RoHS compliant are also RoHS compliant after 01.01.2013 as per the manufacturer's information.

The basis for this confirmation is the relevant information from our suppliers and manufacturers, for which we are unable to accept any liability, however. For parts for which we do not have appropriate confirmation from the manufacturer, we are unable to confirm RoHS compliance.

In principle, we can only provide confirmation of RoHS compliance for articles already supplied or current articles. For future articles, compliance will need to be clarified in advance for each article individually. In addition, it can NOT be inferred from the RoHS confirmation that the parts may be manufactured using the lead-free solder process. This can only be clarified case by case. To this end it is essential that the relevant soldering parameters the customer uses are known.


General Conditions (ZVEI)

For all goods and services purchased from ekontor GmbH, the General Terms and Conditions of Delivery for Products and Services of the Electrical Industry "Green Terms and Conditions of Delivery" and "Supplementary Clause: Extended Retention of Title" published by ZVEI e.V. shall apply exclusively.

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